Saturday, December 12, 2009

Preparation and Set-Up Information

Dates: December 15th - 18th
Time: 9:00a.m. - 5:00p.m. (o.k to help out just a.m. or just p.m.)
Location: Hollywood Park Racetrack


Hollywood Park Racetrack is located at Prairie Ave. and Century Blvd. in Inglewood.  Enter the racetrack at the Hardy St. entrance at Prairie (the first signal north of Century).  Drive all the way up to the racetrack, make a left, and drive around to the employee entrance.  There’s a guard shack there.  Park in that lot.  Tell the guard that you are working on the St. Margaret’s party.  Walk up to tunnel 5.  You’ll walk up the staircase in between tunnels 5 & 4, up to the first floor.

One or more of the following coordinators will be there for the prep work at all times:  Nancy Cravens, Mary Agnes Erlandson, or Florence Guerrero.  If you have any questions before the prep day, you can call St. Margaret’s Center at 310-672-2208, and ask for Mary Agnes.  During the prep days if you have any questions/problems, please call Mary Agnes on her cell (310-508-3841) , Nancy on her cell (310-780-8219) or Florence on her cell (310-259-7566).

Remember to dress warmly, and bring lunch/water, etc.  The racetrack will be closed Tuesday, so there won’t be any food or drinks to purchase there.

We will be sorting and bagging toys, preparing goody bags, and decorating during the prep days.

Thank  you for your help!!

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